Half-cocked ideas about music education

‘Music Education’s market place of half-cocked ideas is flourishing as never before’ is what I tweeted.

Rather than half-cocked perhaps I mean half-baked, un-thought through. Anyway, here are my top 20 challenges for 2013.

Aural learning is a meaningful category

Cultural relevance is a subjective matter

Music has power

Music teachers don’t need to be well educated

Music is a more rigorous subject than art or drama

Doing music is less cognitive than thinking about it

Music teachers know what is best for ‘their’ pupils

There are no culture wars in music education

Folk theories of music education are sufficient

Music brings people closer together

Reading about music and music education is a waste of time

All music is commensurable

Independent learning exists without dependency

Creativity is anything other than being fully alive

Musical understanding is dependant upon concept formation

There is a one best music

Children are digital natives

It is possible to have ‘dialogue’ with Ofsted

There is something that works best

Music is a universal language


One thought on “Half-cocked ideas about music education

  1. Thanks for sharing!
    My favorite issues doing/thinking hierarchy when discussing music ed.

    Closely followed by the central importance of creativity to being.

    In our creative use and reuse of music – through our body/thinking music making we make sense of who we are and grasp for our imagined Utopias.

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